Released v1.0.10, solving a annoying bug

After downloading txeet, many users encountered a force close issue like the following:

txeet force close 

This happens only for certain handsets, and only when users tried to open txeet via Market > Open.

We are glad that this annoying bug (from Android side actually), has been solved. Version 1.0.10 has been released just to solve this.

For the technically inclined, this is how we solve it.

Google giving us a Nexus One!

Device Seeding Program

Apparently txeet did well and qualified.

As it stands of now, txeet for Android has 55,000 downloads, and averaged 4 stars!

Puzzled over some SMS lingo?

txeet provides 2 useful features – SMS lingo and emoticons – for referencing.

We are often left scratching our heads over messages like: “MYOB” or “she is 2Ht2Hndl..” or “That is 4yeo” or “i am SMH over your suggestion..”


With txeet’s lingo dictionary, users can search and find meanings to the lingo/abbreviation/coded msg..

Anyway, the explanation for the lingo are:

MYOB – Mind your own business
2Ht2Hndl – Too hot to handle
4yeo – For your eyes only
SMH – Shaking my head

Crazymikesapps Video Review

We have an awesome video review from guys at crazymikesapps! Check it out (:

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