Paid version released

The paid version of txeet is now released, for only $0.99!

The differences between the paid and free versions are:

  • paid version has no ad banners
  • paid version will automatically download new templates
  • paid version will automatically download new lingos and emoticons


In addition, in future releases, the paid version will have exclusive features eg. styling of messages.


Get paid version now!

Otherwise, get the free version!

Favorite Valentine’s SMS


Fav v-day

Signs that App Store is getting crowded

txeet was released on 9 Feb 2010.

Shortly after releasing, I checked on App Store ranking and my analytic data, and I see signs that Apple’s App Store is getting too crowded.


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txeet is now available for iPhone

txeet has been approved by Apple and can now be downloaded from App Store!

Compose SMS with 3000+ templates such as: miss-you, good nights, jokes, pickup lines, wise words, valentine messages, etc..

txeet makes texting fun! Get it for FREE now! (=^_^=)


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Running out of lovely SMS to send?

eyes filled with nothing but love

No worries, with txeet.

txeet is created because of such teething problems. Many times, we wanted to send an SMS merely because we miss someone, but sending a plain “i miss you”, is just too plain.


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