txeet for iPhone

txeet is an app that makes texting fun, and it is free to download from iTunes App Store (there is also paid version).

Here, we highlight 3 features that exhibit how txeet is useful.

Note: Click on the images to see a screencast


1. Send an interesting message

sendtemplate1 Ever run out of miss-you messages to send to your love ones? Ever felt lost with words to express your how much you treasure a friendship? Need to send a happy birthday that is not so plain?

txeet is here help! Compose messages from over 3000+ templates, and soon you will find there are too many to choose from :)



sendtemplate2  sendtemplate3  sendtemplate4  sendtemplate5  sendtemplate6  sendtemplate7



2. Style your messages

styletemplate1 We send messages everyday. But plain text just seems to lack something.

txeet has added an innovative ‘Style it!’ feature that styles text. Choose from the 4 styles – Accented Latin, Random Caps, Scmabrle Eggs and Vwl Removal.



  styletemplate2   styletemplate3




3. Insert emoticon and lingo

emo1 We have got good templates, and a unique styling feature from txeet.. What’s more?

Emoticons and SMS lingo!




  emo2   emo3   emo4   emo5




Other features

Three main features of txeet are highlighted above. Of course, that is not all to making texting fun! Other features include:

  • Vote for what you like and see how many like the same
  • Randomize a template to send
  • Save template as a favoite
  • Send via Email
  • Copy the text and paste in other apps eg. Facebook or twitter
  • Contribute templates/lingo/emoticons

Our goal is to make texting fun, and we will be adding more features to achieve our goal. If you have any suggestions, feel free to email us!

Lastly, we hope you can can get txeet installed on your phone!